Outdoor Lighting



● CQC is the 1st company gained patents for photocontrol products in the whole nation;

● CQC is the global 1st enterprise gained ISO9001(design & manufacture)certification from organization of TUV in photocontrol industry;

● CQC became the 1st company in China who created technology of programmable cyclic illumination for photocontrol products;

● CQC is the global 1st company applied new materials to photocontrol receptacle for improving its weather fastness for outdoor using purpose and improving its level of UL-94 inflaming retarding.



● CQC’s photocontrol was honored“national torch key program”, and CQC was honored the implementation site of the program. Our photocontrol also was honored “High-Tech Product” by the government of Zhejiang Province, and CQC was honored “Small & Middle size Science & Technology Enterprise” by the government of Zhejiang Province.


● The original invention of CFL and LED load photocell lampholder by CQC was awarded invention patents from China and U.S.. This invention helps saving energy 30% to 90%;

● The original design of tool-free addressing installation for photocontrol receptacle by CQC was awarded invention patents from China and U.S.;

● CQC’s original design of ANSI C136.41 standard receptacle was awarded invention patents from China and U.S.



- Lighting collective control box provides high-power with small volume, and supports millions of safe & reliable operation through the world.
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