Model code : LC-11D (Thermal & Electronic Mixed Type)

Twist Lock Photocontrol



● Rated Voltage: 220VAC – 50/60Hz

● Load Rated: 3A, 6A

● Turn-On Light Level: 10-16 Lux, adjustable at customer’s request

● Turn-Off Light Level: 20-36 Lux, adjustable at customer’s request

● Action time: 30-180 sec

● Operating Temperature: -23℃ to +70℃

● MOV Surge Protection: 90J,160J for option 

● Energy Consumption: <1 Watt

● Electrical Life: >5000 cycles

● Housing: UV Stabilized PC;

● Failure Mode: Fail On

● Accompanying receptacle: LC-11R

Code Specification
11DH2 220V/6A
11DL2 220V/3A

LC-11D is thermal and electronic mixed type, also regarded as electro-mechanical type twist-lock photocontrol. With its small shape, it is convenient in installation. Equipped with its receptacle LC-11R, it functions as a switch that automatically turns on and off the lighting fixtures at certain light levels. When it is taken away from its receptacle LC-11R, the contacts in the receptacle will connect automatically and the fixtures can be controlled manually.